Installing Instruction For Android 6 Axis GRBL cnc Gcode sender

Installing For Android 6 Axis GRBL Gcode sender

before USE 6 Axis Please Learn 3 Axis Android GRBL CNC Controller First

1.Download Firmware 6 Axis GRBL Gcode sender For Arduino ATMega2560

2.Download a program for flashing (Windows: XLoader, Mac OS X: HexUploader, Linux: Easy Flash script) also from github and extract the file.
Started running the Loader program. Input your , processor (Arduino ATmega2560), comm port and the destination of where you put the saved Firmware 
Should start and be finished in few seconds with a message Finish
Close the Loader program and open your grbl controller and connect at Baud rate 9600. You should see that is has 0.9g load

3.Config Machine Parameter using settings from grbl's wiki for configuring them.

4.Downlopad Android 6 Axis GRBL Gcode sender @ Play Store

5.Hardware Configuration

ATMEGA 2560 Pin Out Configuration

 X_STEP_BIT                       MEGA2560 Digital Pin 22
 Y_STEP_BIT                       MEGA2560 Digital Pin 23
 Z_STEP_BIT                       MEGA2560 Digital Pin 24
 A_STEP_BIT                       MEGA2560 Digital Pin 25
 B_STEP_BIT                       MEGA2560 Digital Pin 26
 C_STEP_BIT                       MEGA2560 Digital Pin 27

 X_DIRECTION_BIT              MEGA2560 Digital Pin 30
 Y_DIRECTION_BIT              MEGA2560 Digital Pin 31
 Z_DIRECTION_BIT              MEGA2560 Digital Pin 32
 A_DIRECTION_BIT              MEGA2560 Digital Pin 33
 B_DIRECTION_BIT              MEGA2560 Digital Pin 34
 C_DIRECTION_BIT              MEGA2560 Digital Pin 35

 SPINDLE_PWM_BIT  MEGA2560 Digital Pin 7
 SPINDLE_ENABLE_BIT        MEGA2560 Digital Pin 6
  COOLANT_FLOOD_BIT       MEGA2560 Digital Pin 8
  COOLANT_MIST_BIT         MEGA2560 Analog Pin 8
  PIN_FEED_HOLD     1        MEGA2560 Analog Pin 9
  PIN_CYCLE_START  2        MEGA2560 Analog Pin 10
  PROBE_BIT             3        MEGA2560 Analog Pin 11